СЛИМФЕРНО – хранителна добавка + подсладители + кофеин.

Спомага за нормалния мастен метаболизъм.

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SLIMFERNO е проектиран за фази на строга диета. Slim формула, съдържаща 14 ключови субстрати!Съдържа Sinetrol®XPUR. Функционални растителни екстракти.
Обогатен с витамин С за нормален енергиен синтез. Обогатен с хром за поддържането на нормално ниво на кръвната захар.
Холин за нормален мастен метаболизъм.

Начин на приемане

Приемат се 6 грама два пъти на ден – сутрин на гладно и около 30 мин преди физическо натоварване.

Powder with chromium and vitamin C. 
General application:
Food supplement, especially for athletes. 
Special directions:
Food supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet. A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential for the functionality of this product. The specified recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Keep this product out of the reach of children. 
Packaging unit/s:
Container with 300 g powder
Shelf time:
2 years – store in a dry and cool place after opening 
Recommended directions:
Take 2 times daily 6 grams Slimferno (about one teaspoon) with 300 to 500 ml of water preferably in the morning and before training.
Citric acid and malic acid, L -karnitin tartrate, Sinetrol XPUR (grapefruit, sweet orange, guarana extract, red orange, maltodextrin, glycine, taurine, flavors, magnesium salts of citric acid, L-tyrosine, choline bitartrate, caffeine, sweeteners : sucralose and acesulfame - K, green tea extract (leaf), Panax ginseng (root), L - ascorbic acid, inositol, raspberry extract (fruit), antisgastitel: calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, extract of ginger (root) chromium trichloride.
Description / Uses:
Promotes normal fat metabolism.
Vitamins   / Tagesportion  RDA*
Vitamin C   667 mg  200 %
* Recommended daily allowance (RDA – based on EU-Directive 2008-100-EG)
EAN Code   Packing/Weight  Flavour  EAN-No.:
Agmatin Sulphate   Conteiner / 300 g  /  54 53001 8583 40

This product is manufactured in accordance with HACCP, GMP and ISO 9001-2000 certification.
Products are subject to constant quality control procedures by qualified technicians.

69,00 лв.

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